John Harder Consulting

John Harder

Managing Director & Head Coach

JHC_John Harder

As the former sales manager of the video marketing agency Loft Film, John Harder built one of the most successful video agencies in German-speaking countries. Loft Film is one of the fastest growing companies in the industry and John Harder’s job was to keep the company’s order books filled, create sales processes and build the sales team up. With this he helped the company grow from a small startup to 6-digit monthly sales. After he was able to celebrate successes with this agency, he decided to take a new path in the summer of 2019. Instead of utilizing his sales knowledge and sales experience only internally, he decided to also cooperate with other service providers and agencies from the film industry to support their customer acquisition efforts. Together with his team, he is now helping his customers to win more orders and to overcome growth limits by working successfully with them to build sales systems and sales teams.

As head of strategy consulting, Reymond is the first point of contact for video producers and creative minds when it comes to setting up the best success strategy for their company. He ensures that the foundation is in place to achieve long-term business growth. He works closely with our customers to set up the best positioning, increase customer inquiries and set up successful marketing campaigns.

Reymond Giger

Head of Strategy Consulting

Axel Kessel

Talent Scout

After completing his MBA, Axel held several managerial positions in internationally operating companies and gained extensive experience abroad.

Utilizing his experience, he has set up a wide variety of internal organizations, trained teams and provided professional advice.

Axel functions as a talent scout for us and evaluates potential customers with regard to their suitability for working with us. Only those who master his questions are allowed to take part in the strategy discussions.

As a talent scout, Zoe evaluates which companies we can really help best, since not every film producer, designer and artist has the potential to successfully generate new customers using the Internet.

Zoe is in very close contact with our community and arranges discussions with our strategy consultants. She is often the first point of contact, giving you insight into our work and quickly determines whether your products and/or services are a good match to our expertise.

Zoe Angelis

Talent Scout

Sebastian Graetz

Photographer & Social Media Manager

Sebastian is responsible for John Harder’s social media activities. He makes sure that you get the latest posts from John on Youtube, Instagram and LinkedIn every day. He has also been a freelance photographer for more than a decade and earned a degree in communication design. It almost goes without saying that he takes on all the visual-related tasks for us.

Hoa heads media production and is responsible for the project management of our video productions


Thanks to her many years of experience as a production manager at large television broadcasters, she knows exactly how successful video productions are implemented.

Hoa Vu

Media Production Management

Quynh Anh Mai Pham

Management Assistant

As the management assistant in the back office, Quynh Anh manages accounting, human resources and contract management.


All administrative and organizational matters are managed by her.